For a perfect look, the use of a face mist spray is very effective. No matter how simple or how complicated your makeup routine is, this spray can help you give your face the final finish.

Face Mist can be sprayed on before and after you apply makeup. Face Mist helps your cosmetics to last longer, and remains in place, day long. The spray can also act as a small and breathable barrier against smoke, dust, dirt and other environmental generals that are impossible to avoid.

On hot and humid days, when you sweat a little more than usual, this spray can prevent your cosmetic products from melting. The spray has a cooling effect on the skin, and can be used during the day.

Face mist holder din makeup på plads og efterlader dig med en smuk dagsglans.

Face misten er effektiv og tilfører din hud fugt og pleje.

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